• How can I make a booking?

    You can make a booking by contacting us on either email or telephone on the contacts page and we will contact you and make an appropriate time.

  • How long can the readings be?

    For a private reading, 30 or 60 minutes are available. For group booking, please contact us.

  • What is the cost of a reading?

    30min Psychic/Medium Reading  $90
    60min Psychic/Medium Reading  $175
    45min Healing (private or absent)  $150
    30min Telephone Reading $80

    Group Psychic Reading, a minimum of 4 people are required for a group reading. Pricing starts at $360 for 4 x 30min reads. Please contact us for pricing on larger groups and availability.

  • Do I require to be psychic to attend the psychic and healing course?

    No, this course is for anyone that wishes to improve their psychic abilities and that wish to also heal utilizing energy.

  • How much time is required for a healing?

    For a healing, 45min is required. After a healing you will generally feel very light.

  • Does Greg just work on the Gold Coast?

    I work on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane on Saturdays. For Brisbane appointments, they can be made through the Rochdale office on 07 3219 0139.

    If you live outside of these areas, generally a telephone reading is easier. If you live a far distance away and want me to visit you, this can be arranged. A minimum of 4 people are required and travel costs are also added. Contact us for a accurate price for your area.

  • How long does the pyschic and healing course go for?

    The course is an intensive 8 hour course.