• I was fortunate enough to be given Gregs details from a friend of mine, who spoke ever so highly about him. I had expressed to her that I wanted to know more, be connected with the other side and seek clarity. I approached my reading with an open mind as this was my first time at this experience.

    Since my phone reading 2 weeks ago, I have found myself and my family who I shared my experience with, feeling great comfort in the information Greg passed on. I was able to be connected with my grandmother who recently passed away. The information was spot on. Greg’s mannerisms are humble, respectful & enlightening. I cannot wait to my next reading.

    I highly recommend Greg to anyone seeking more. Thank you!

    Hannah-May Lindner
    Mobile: 0431463811
  • His work as we have observed it, is an insight to the direct workings of the great Spirit.
    Whether it is that, of a shaman, a healer or a visionary, his ability with clairvoyance, visionary diagnostics or healing can only be described as all of the above rolled into one.
    To put one name or label on what he does would be impossible, as it is not of this earth or time. To understand and comprehend it even more so, yet the results are unquestionable.
    To have him as a friend and counsel is a privilege and is to be counted as one of life`s joys.

    David and Diane Roberts
    Eagle Heights
  • ‘Greg Sheehy, a medical intuitive, is of Irish descent. And he most definitely has `the Gift`. He is a most extraordinary reader. He can identify pain and location with lightening clarity (including pain that is suppressed from consciousness).
    This can enable patients to relate past events and emotions to their current health problems. Perhaps there is a deep seated trauma from the past that is stored in the cellular memory of the physiology; perhaps a silent condition such as tumour, perhaps a suppressed condition.
    Greg imparts details with kindness and gentleness. His readings are repeatedly validated by medical reports.
    Greg is a gifted healer working with divine spirit to heal emotional wounds and diseased bodies.
    Greg is an inspired counsellor enabling patients to direct their resources effectively and efficiently.
    As a medical doctor, I have been extremely privileged to witness the insights and transformations that Greg has brought with my patients.‘

    Dr. Helen Broom
    Rochedale, Brisbane, Australia
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Greg in a professional setting as well as personally having the opportunity to benefit from his gift. As a psychologist I do my best to be holistic in my approach. We need to be client focussed and do whatever we can to help our clients reduce the emotional pain in their life. Working with Greg I feel I have been able to achieve positive results for many of my clients. If clients were grieving the loss of a loved one Greg’s medium abilities were just what my clients needed to move on in their grieving process. For clients who had suffered any type of abuse in their life and had stored these traumatic memories deep in their mind and their bodies, his energy healing sessions could unleash these negative memories and give their minds and their bodies some relief. Greg’s ability as a clairvoyant has helped my clients with future goal setting and planning in their lives. He has in many situations given them some hope that was not there before. I would recommend that everybody open up their minds and consider options such as sessions with Greg to remove stress and pain from their lives. I look forward to continuing to work with Greg in the future to achieve the best results and my clients and for myself.

    Donna Hughes
    Psychologist, The Couch Therapy Group, www.thecouch.biz
  • I went to have a reading with Greg and had an open mind.
    So much has happened to me in these last six months that I could not envisage, but Greg did my life and they came true in such a short time. He could not have even guessed about my life if he was a `cold` reader or a sham.
    He is good. I would even put him up there with the late Doris Stokes of England… she is/was the ultimate medium in my opinion.

    Pat Reid
    New Zealand
  • When i first met Greg i was somewhat of a skeptic…
    When the reading was over i was no longer a skeptic. In fact I now know I had achieved far more than an accurate reading. He had opened my mind and my spiritual journey had begun in earnest.
    I have recommended Greg to many, many friends, family and acquaintances who feel may benefit from his knowledge and ability. All of them have been amazed by his gift and the power of love.

    Mel Manley
    Mel Manley, Bundaberg, Queensland