Hello and Welcome

I was born with extraordinary powerful spiritual gift, the gift to “see”, guide and heal.
For more than 30 years I have been offering many thousands of clients my professional spiritual guidance in terms of psychic/medium consultation and as a medical intuitive appearing on stage, radio, magazines, seminars and the like.
In recent times there have been massive changes which affect how we live in terms of finances, relationships, the workplace, children and health which are central to us maintaining a happy, healthy and balanced life.
I have seen casualties of the “stressed life” during my consultations because many are straggling to effectively adjust to these changes and have made the wrong or inappropriate choices.
As your trusted and professional psychic, I am here to provide you with “spiritual” power, to give to you necessary clarity, and the correct definitive guidance and direction with accuracy, so you become empowered, make correct informed choices and heal.
The key to my consultation is that I intuitively read into a powerful vibrations of your birthdate. From this I can tune into you and find out what is worrying you. Any of your issues that do not go away need to be solved. And there is always a solution.
During my consultation I tune into your aura, and also use vibrations to read the tarot, photos and use psychometry and palmistry.
I am direct, honest and respectful.
As an acclaimed and experienced medium, I connect to those loved ones or friends who have crossed over. From my experience and to facilitate the consultation, all I require is the person’s name and birth date, and I will readily connect to them and possibly others for you.
As an accomplished Medical Intuitive (diagnostic healer), I have been invited to work in several medical and holistic health centres and have obtained numerous referrals from these practitioners.
I have ability to ‘see” into the body, its cellular memory and diagnose emotional/physical and environmental conditions.
I have attained significant successes, many using this unique method to assist in their recovery, often in concert with mainstream medical involvement.
My clients have left the healing session feeling lighter, more energetic and more positive about themselves.
Let mi guide You onto a positive path and the fulfilled Life you richly deserve.
I really need to connect to you either one-on-one, or by phone appointment.
With my phone consultations I tune into your voice vibrations which provide me with the awareness to tune into your Life vibrations so I can give to You short and long term clarity and guidance.